Saturday, September 01, 2007

Big bug!

I saw one of these guys the other day, picking up Daniel at preschool when I picked Daniel up at preschool. I didn't think of it again until yesterday when I came across this site, which led me here. The macro photos are amazing, even if the subject matter is a little... creepy.

I feel bad that the Cicada Killer we found ended up on the wrong side of a can of RAID, she'd chosen to nest in the soft sand of the playground. They aren't especially aggressive, but you just can't have giant wasps flying around a group of 16 four year olds.

The picture above doesn't give any idea of scale - the wasp we saw was pretty close to 2 inches long.


Christine Thresh said...

A buy big enough to pick up Daniel. That's big!
I missed the comma in your sentence: "I saw one of these guys the other day, picking up Daniel..."

Rian said...

That thing looks forboding. I saw a big black thing flying around my patio once (several years ago, I never forgot it), it was shaped like a bee/wasp, all black, at least 3" long. We all ran for the house. I am not generally freaky about insects, but sometimes you just KNOW you're dealing with something unholy.