Sunday, September 02, 2007

What a difference a week makes

So this week:

I knit a few inches on Katherine's scarf. It's more than two feet long, and I realized that when it's done, I only have 2 more to do to be done the girl-y gifts for Christmas. Woo!

I did not work on Bevin's quilt at all. I didn't sew until Friday, and then I put together this. As I said before, this looks nothing like anything I do, but I think I like it anyway. Don't you just love my casual laissez-faire attitude toward matchinig up those points and such. Heh. Actually, it's pressed badly and doesn't look nearly so bad in person. It'll be hand quilted according to the clues offered every two weeks in my Nesting Robin. That kicked off Saturday with story clue #1 The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. You know, I'm HOSTING this baby, and so *should* have these quilting designs stacked up and waiting to unveil. Do I? 'Course not!

But as has been the case the past few weeks, the patio project has monopolized my time and attention. Scott's trenching plan defeated me. I came in one day, sat down just about in tears. Cutting and fitting together stupid tinker toy bits of 4" PVC pipe and assorted connectors, making sure the angles were right to fit, and the slope was right to drain had me dragging out the colourful vocabulary and I was unhappy. Dry fitting, only to know that it all had to be taken apart again, then glued in exactly the same configuration sent me perilously close to the edge. This part of my project was NOT my idea, and I didn't like it. Scott, smart man, offered to do it for me, "tomorrow." Well tomorrow became the day after the day after (meetings, then rain) and it was finally finished (at least beyond the edges of the patio) Friday. Saturday we backfilled and started piling in the base gravel. That scar up the middle of the photo covers the drainage pipe. I turned the sprinkler on it for a couple of hours to aid with settling the fill, and will top that up today, then more gravel over all. The trench continues beyond, across the lawn to the woods. Or it will. NOT MY PROBLEM. I don't mind the digging, it's the fiddly connecting up I can't stand. I'll dig the hole, Scott can deal with getting the rest of that pipe sorted out.

I ordered the fines (stone dust) and pavers on Thursday, they'll be delivered mid-week, and weather willing, this baby will be sit-on-able by the end of next weekend. Most definitely the weekend after.

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