Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Flashback

This is the building I used to work at, 20 (OMG!) years ago. Our office took up the west side of the first floor, the full sized (now) whited out windows in this pic. I had a great view of the CN Tower (3 blocks south) and watched construction of the Skydome (now the Rogers Centre.) When the G-7 meetings were held in Toronto in the hot summer of 1987, the motorcades would drive right up Duncan Street, where the red traffic light is in this picture. We'd watch them out the window. Reagan's car was the only one that never had the windows down.

Below us was Tangerine, a nightclub that was open as a bar/lounge during the afternoon. I'd often duck downstairs for a Po' Boy or some tapas for a quick lunch. Tangerine wasn't the first business to inhabit that space, and apparently, not the last. My, my. This place looks like it probably doesn't have empanadas or olive tapenade on the menu. Probably doesn't actually *have* a menu. Pity.


Pigley said...

I have never been to Toronto, but I will in the next couple of years. Should I wear red or white?

Dorothy said...

Go for the white. W-a-a-a-y classier.

Pigley said...

Yeah, like *I* have EVER had class. Snicker.