Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where'd that week go?!

Bevin's blocks ARE done, I counted to make sure, and as I suspected, I have a lot of strips left over. I'm going to cut them down, skinny, and make a little log cabin for the mudroom. Maybe. This week I'll start the chunk assembly, then assemble those chunks into a top. By next weekend? We'll see.

I got a little top for Katie done - Trip Around the World in red, sage, and tan. yawn. I'll share a pic when it's quilted. The next one for her will be a Jacob's Ladder in brown and pink. That'll get cut out today, and sewn as a leader/ender project with the assembly of Bevin's top. These little quilts are only 18" x 24"; since I prefer them to actually look like little versions of big quilts, I scale 12" blocks down to 6" or even 4" if that's a better look. It makes them almost as much work as a big quilt, though. Just less materials. These are all being done with scraps from other projects. Reduces the scrap pile, saves a little money. It's all good.

No knitting to speak of, though I've been thinking about it. And I'm starting to consider whether I have time to do a cross stitch for mom for Christmas. That'd be a big no.

(that's 100 days from today, folks, if you're counting)

Oh, clue #2 for the Nesting Robin was announced (heh, by me) yesterday. Harold and the Purple Crayon. Now I *could* just do a wandering squiggle in a heavy purple thread (perle cotton?) and I might, actually, but I need to lay hands on the book and see if there's some 'scape that might lend itself to threadwork over the four arcs in the next round. Hmmm... ponder ponder.

Oh, and the patio is still done. Woot! I topsoiled and grass seeded this week, it rained yesterday and I'm seeing little green shoots already. This should be an excellent grass growing week, and maybe I'll be able to find some bushes to plant. I thought I wanted yews, but I understand planting yews is like inviting Bambi to the Bellagio. All you can eat, baby!


Tanya Brown said...

You are quite a productive person! Sounds like your week went in a flurry of industry.

katelnorth said...

The patio is still done? Are you expecting it to magically undo itself overnight? :)

Dorothy said...

Kate - give the 4 year old a garden hose and a pointy stick, and put dad on the tracto. Yes, I fully expect the patio *could* come undone. Nipped yesterday's bit of deconstruction before it got far.