Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Sunday

Weekend review time.

This got done this week. (tilt your head, it's sideways) Yeah, Bevin will have his quilt before Christmas (like there was ever any doubt.) ;o) I've got the backing washed, it needs to be pieced, then this one's off to the quilter. I know I've said before that tops made with care should be honoured by the quilting, but frankly, these quilts are not likely to be treasures, and I'm not willing to spend the money (or time) to treat them as if they are. I'll choose a panto that works, and let that be as inspired as the quilting gets.

Unfortunately, that's all that got done. Well, I did get one top done and another started for the little quilts Katie wants. Since she hasn't specified exactly what it is she wants, I'll send more than two, let her choose what she likes, and she can send the rest back. The finished one is a Trip Around the World, number two is a teeny tiney Jacob's Ladder - 6" blocks mean that the small squares are just one inch. It's cute!

No knitting this week, though I did buy some yarn. That counts, right? I looked at Michael's today for a cross stitch for mom for Christmas. They have NO Christmas needlework yet! Just how fast do they expect me to get this done? What's that? I should have bought it last year after Christmas? Yeah, sure. Next time.


dot said...

This is a nice quilt. Yor son will get lots of use out of it.

Rian said...

This is SMASHING! Wow, you're fast!

Tanya Brown said...

You've outdone yourself, and that's saying something. Your color choices have made this a sophisticated quilt, a marriage between traditional geometric blocks and more modern abstract design. It's also quite masculine, but not overwhelmingly so. Bevin is very fortunate.

Anonymous said...

You've done a fantastic job. Very striking quilt!

I was reading about your Christmas quilts on your webshots and thought the whole idea was incredibly clever.

Bevin will be sure to love it... and if he doesn't, can you adopt me? LOL
Sheila in Ohio

QuiltingFitzy said...

Great job girlfriend. What was your final count on fabric choices, any idea? It's really.really.nice.