Monday, September 24, 2007

I Guess this will make me accountable?

Notice, please, the new little ticker at the side. Inspired by Nicky's fabulous success, I have decided to try, just try, Coolrunning's Couch to 5K training program. Today was day 1. 29 more workouts and I'll be blazing a lightning fast trail around this tiny town. Or wearing out my treadmill 3 days a week. Either way... I did the requisite 20 minutes on the treadmill, then sweated it out for another 10, just because, you know, I'm like that. Then I came upstairs, got another load of laundry out on the line, threw another into the washer, cleaned the kitchen, vaccuumed, and went off to do the 3 or 4 errands I had. Came home, had lunch, and sewed for 2 un-interrupted hours!

The backing for Bevin's quilt is together, pressed, folded, and bagged with the top and order form, shoved into a Priority mailer, and on it's way to Margaret. I have most of the piecing done for Katie's #2 doll quilt (the Jacob's Ladder) and may finish that and layer it and the little Trip Around the World tomorrow. Have I mentioned how much I love fall - I get so renewed, after being completely discharged by hot, humid July and August.

I went in search of a cross stitch pattern tonight. No luck yet, though Pigley has some that look promising. I shouldn't say no luck, I did order this (left) off eBay. I think it's a companion to one I did for mom sometime before the turn of the century. Until I have it, I won't know if I have time, or if it's too late.

I hope not, I think she'll like it. This (right) is the other I did. Think they're related? me too.

Oh, I baked bread bowls, made soup (Cheedar Brocolli) and whipped up an Apple Crisp today too. Couldn't let those 300 or so calories I sweated off on the treadmill stay gone for long now, could I?

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Pigley said...

I have seen some cute ones in cross-stitch magazines at Barnes and Noble in previous years. Hit or miss.