Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shoulda kept digging

Last night I looked through all but 4 of the cross stitch magazines and din't find exactly what I was looking for. Why'd I stop with only 4 to go? Dunno. I should have kept looking, because in mag #3 (of those final 4) I found this.So my suspicion was right, those two designs are related. The magazine also contains a chart for the Joy piece. It looks a little easier, so that will be mom's gift this year, and I'm set for next year with the eBay'd chart for the Merry Christmas piece. Now I have to find my floss box, and see if I've got the right DMC colours. I know I've got Aida, but I don't know if it's the right size. Stay tuned.

I made one of the NOEL designs for Scott's mom, too, but simpler. I wish I could remember what it was I didn't include - time allowing, I could do one of the JOY pieces for her, too. Lisa? Any idea?


Vicky aka stichr said...

I did that Joy for my MIL for her stocking many moons ago! I feel really bad Dorothy, I have 2 large plastic bags full of crossstitch mags. I will get them outta the car and send you pix so you can pick which ones you want.

Dorothy said...

Oh, nonononono! I don't want more mags. I don't do a lot of cross stitch, maybe one or two a year. I used to do more, but it's easier for me to go looking for what I want when I want it, than to keep all that stuff around just in case. Don't feel bad, please. I'm freecycling the rest of the mags I went through last night. I REALLY don't want them.