Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thanks Sam

Pigley sent me some Feng Shui info that has helped me decide on the colour of the door.


Feng Shui Secrets - Doors
By Crystal Wave

I have always looked closely at the front door of a home. it is the mouth of the house for energy & people to enter & exit from many times a day. ...Give the door a quick lick of paint to boost your energy each time you arrive home. It is NOT true that you should paint your front door red to bring more money in to the house A red door is best on a South Facing door A Blue, purple or black door for North Facing A yellow, terracotta or earthy coloured door for SW or NE facing door A white or grey door for West or NW facing door A green door for an East or SE facing door There are of course many other colour combinations that can be selected - but like all things feng shui- it should be in balance with your environment & your home as well

Okay, so my door faces more south than south-west so to appease the majority of commenters (thank you!) AND the door spirit, I'm going to find a bricky, earth red. Perfect!

The article continues...
Also spruce up the entry with a new brass number set. Place the numbers at eye level & in ascending order so that the last number is the highest. Well that's easy. Our number has one digit.

Today? Maybe.


Rian said...

Can't wait to see it! I think brick red is the perfect choice.

Pigley said...

yay! Good choice!