Monday, September 10, 2007

Waddya know about that?

I'm actually caught up, current, right on top of things with my Nesting Robin (this quilt really needs a name.)

I finished up the hand quilting of this first section this evening, almost a week before it's due. Imagine.

The green arcs are the next round. I *think* I know what the next story/clue will be, but that doesn't help me at all with a motif.

Oh, and for anyone who's keeping track, I updated the count (below, on the "Next Four" list) on Bevin's quilt blocks. 20 to go!


Pigley said...

looks good, but did you take the picture in the middle of the night?

Dorothy said...

Middle? No, but it was really too dark. If I used the flash, you couldn't see the detail, and nothing I could do was making natural light come back anytime soon. It's 7:00 am now, and it's still pretty dim out.

Pigley said...

Take a picture of me in the dark next time I see you...I think it might just work for me!