Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Update

It didn't cool off and rain yesterday like Dan promised. Instead it was 95º, humid and gross. Thanks Dan. Today is cooler though, barely 60º and I'm doing everything in my power to incite the rain gods - there's laundry on the line, the windows are down on the truck. I think if I pull ribs and chicken out of the freezer, the clouds will open.

The patio is done, and darn pretty, if I do say so. I have other long shot pictures but the shape and layout haven't changed from the in-process pictures, and gee, this one looks so nice... We still have some topsoil-ing to do, to bring the lawn up to the level of the stone, but that's easy enough. I need to shop now for some bulbs and bushes for the space in front of the garage.

I did also get some sewing time in this week. Bevin's quilt is up to 88 blocks, only 32 to go. And I got my nesting Robin started as well. The motif is interlocking scrolly hearts I found on a German hex sign website. They fill the space pretty well, I think. Next clue comes next Saturday, I imagine I can be done in time.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I love the patio, It's stunning! You deserve a rainy day of rest...or 3 or 4.

Vicky aka stichr said...

ditto on the patio! the quilting is good too. i love finding the perfect pattern/design/idea from some random place in the cyberverse.

Rian said...

The patio is indeed purty. Very pleasing to the eye.

Lisa said...

The patio looks ARE amazing. A brick-laying angel!