Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Falling Down Drunk

Project: The Next. This is ::drumroll:: #4 on my Next 4! Holey moley that list went fast. This is yet another of those projects that appeared fully formulated in my pointy little head, complete in fact with the name. My job, as always is to make the finished quilt in my hands match the image in my head.

These little 4" modified Drunkard's Path blocks are almost exactly 7 years old. I hosted a Autumn/Companion 10" squares swap on about.com in 2000, just when we moved here. As the pairs came in, I cut each into convex/concave pieces, so for each block there is a matching "negative" version. I cut and sewed as the mail came in, and when the swap was over, I was left with a pile of finished blocks, and a pile of scraps. Many of the scraps have long since been used for other things.

The blocks got put aside because I thought I needed more of them and because I ran out of steam. I'm not sure what I thought I needed more of them *for* however. there are 72 of these cuties - just enough for another perfect foyer quilt. And won't it look great through the window of my beautiful red door? And don't you just LOVE the patio? ;o)

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