Thursday, October 04, 2007

A wee bit cranky today

It's been 85º all this week. What the heck?! It's October! By this time next month it could be snowing. I've been looking forward to cooler temps, I don't like the heat, especially when I'm busy. And this week has been busy.

With preschool, I have 6 "all-to-myself" hours Monday and Wednesday, and a free morning Thurday. Usually. Not this week, however.

Monday. Cute Boyfriend took us out for a tool around the lake. A little choppy, a little windy, but oh so much fun. It was a preschool field trip courtesy of the Basin Harbor Club. Thanks Beach family! Like I said, much fun, but it did cut into the little bit of free time I have. Monday night was a Development Review Board meeting I needed to attend. "Show up at 7:45, you're #5 on the agenda." #4 went until 8:50, we were out of there by 8:55. Too bad they couldn't have scheduled the wordy, contentious issues for the end. Whatever, mission accomplished (details later.)

Tuesday. 45 minute drive into town to go to Macy's (return), tractor place (pick up), Dick's (eh), Walmart (ugh), Home Depot (groan), then creemees and corn dogs for lunch. (ahhh..)

Wednesday. The elementary school librarian has asked if I can volunteer a few hours a week, even though I have no kids at that school this year. Sure, I love the library! And it's a nice chance to keep in touch with the friends I have in the school who I don't see often. Margo, the reading recovery teacher saw an opportunity and seized it - so next week I'll also be mentoring a struggling reader or two. While I was there, a little girl who is now in 6th grade came over (overhearing my conversation with Margo) and said, "You know, when I was little, you taught me how to read. That's the only thing I remember from 2nd grade." How could I say no? At 6 I had to attend a meeting at the high school to better understand the new grading system they're implementing. Want an A? 93. Want to not fail? Anything less than 70 is an F. Stringent! But once the principal explained the research and reasoning, I guess I'm okay with it. I seem to recall that when I was in high school, as long as you knew more than you didn't (i.e., 50% or better), you shuffled forward. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't the best idea. Anyway... left that meeting early, scooted over to the elementary school to help with the final tally on their big fundraiser. 90 minutes (and about $15,000) later, I dragged home.

Today. Well, the plan was to spend all morning on this. For a number of reasons, that didn't happen. I did take a little while this afternoon, though, and if I can do the same tomorrow, I should have a cool little top to share on Sunday.

I also took the time last night and this evening to get myself slightly less behind on the Nesting Robin. It's not super obvious, and I think it looks a little more (shudder) Family Circus than Harold, but there's a little purple trail all through the green bands. I don't love it, I don't hate it, I'm NOT changing it.


Rose said...

That with the little girl in 6th grade telling you she remembered you teaching her to read, etc....that makes my heart just melt!

Pigley said...

heh. Family Circus. I get it!

dee said...

hope you're un-cranked soon. A little one remembering your kindness is a great gift. Good for you!