Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Flashback

It's finally, gloriously, temporarily autumn in Vermont. The thermometer actually topped 80º today, but it's been cold at night (mostly) and cool during the days. We had some rain, and the trees gave in. At last!

Soon, the wind will carry away the colour and bring the cold, crisp of winter. I can't say that I mind, I've said many times I'd gladly take an extra February in trade for less July. That wind used to freak me out - leaves rustled in dim corners, bare branches crackled and sighed against a cloudy sky, chill fingers raced up my spine. Late October in rural Southern Ontario is set dressed for Stephen King. I remember one such night coming home from my friend Sue's house, convinced I'd never see dawn - Jason Voorhees was in the back seat, Freddy Kreuger at every turn in the road, Leatherface behind every stop sign.

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Sheri said...

Nice picture. I love old barn photos.