Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey Jo, Whaddya know?

I've been poking (literally) along on this cross stitch for mom. The JOY stitching will be done by the weekend, perhaps some of the right side holly too. I'm amazed, really, that this is going so fast.

I've also started knitting on that *mystery* gift I can't show in case the intended recipient wanders through here. A little work on that every night, and it'll be done (or I'll run out of wool) in plenty of time for Christmas.

I started quilting Falling Down Drunk today, and it looks bad. REAL bad. Like tear it out and start over bad. Shoot. I hate tearing out quilting, but the stitching is not good - the off tension and big stitches will make the tearing out easier, but still. Shoot.


Teri said...

Don't feel bad about unsewing quilting it happens to everyone. I feel your pain, and so would she I bet.

Tanya Brown said...

Joy looks great! Holy cow, cross stitch looks so painstaking.

I sort of want to make a joke about not quilting when you're Falling Down Drunk, except that I know that pulling out stitching is a pain. I hope that the second time will be a charm. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

katelnorth said...

Oh man, I hate it when that happens (but I also know it would drive me bonkers NOT to pick it out...)

JO- looks good, though. I like cross-stich, do a lot of it in front of the telly, and almost never blog it, can't think why.