Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Christopher Columbus

Today, here in the US, it is Columbus day, but here, in my house, it is Thanksgiving. Canadians celebrate Turkey Day on the 2nd Monday in October. I'm Canadian, I love turkey, so guess what we had for dinner? Yup, soup! ::chuckle:: It's one of those weeks again, so we did the turkey dinner yesterday and had leftovers tonight. 'sokay, I like turkey leftovers just about as much as I like the first run. I believe this image at left depicts SeƱor Colon asking Queen Isabella if she prefers white meat or dark. "More cranberries, your highness?"

One of my "things" today was a trip to the optometrist. My prescription, strong, has remained fairly constant for the past 6 years, though my up close vision is getting worse. Doc offered to write me a prescription for bifocals and I replied, as I do every year, that I will NOT wear bifocals until my arms get to be too short. So reading glasses and contacts it is. I inquired about LASIK and he offered to get in touch with the local laser place on my behalf. When I got home there was a message on the machine and I am very close to their upper limit. I'm not a candidate for the lift-the-flap then laser technique, and I might miss the boat on the straight on laser too, depending on the thickness of my lens. They do have a stick-a-thing-inside your eye technique too, and that's likely where I fall. Only twice the price! Bargain! I'll make an appointment at the LASIK place and find out what they think. Then I'll find out what the insurance thinks. And then, I'll decide what I think.

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dee said...

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving. Save me a slice of pie(I know you have some) We are having an early Thanksgiving this year since on the actual day-we go to friends and my son goes to the girlfriends. He misses my gravy and smashed potatoes and we miss the leftovers for samichesmmmmmm.Have a great celebration!