Sunday, October 07, 2007

Knit-knit-knit, sew-sew-sew

Press-press-press, DONE! (ish)

Show and tell time: First thing done(ish) this week was the previous round of the Nesting Robin. I showed that a few days ago, so I won't bore you with it again. Followed that triumph with a sorta-start to sorta-finish on Falling Down Drunk.

The blocks were well seasoned, it was time. Thursday I started sewing, Friday I finished, this morning I steamed them into something resembling a right angled quadrangle. It's not too shabby, but I'd have liked to have taken a little more care with some of the placements. I guess without a design wall (I have a design floor that I share with everyone who walks here) it's harder to see pattern and movement, but I like it well enough, so it's fine. I can see that even though I am not as prolific a quilter as some, in the 15 years I've been making quilts, and in the 7 or so since I made these specific blocks, my skills have improved considerably. That's kinda nice to know. I'll get this layered up this week, but I can't imagine I'll find much time to do any quilting. It's another one of those weeks.

Yesterday afternoon it rained so I sat and finished the berries on this. It's the top left corner of Mom's Christmas present. I don't recall if I'd started this last week, I think I hadn't, so this is all new. I'm working on 28 count linen, so stitching requires a full crazy get up - headlamp and granny glasses. For scale, the needle is 2". Without the glasses, it's all a blur, without the headlamp, it's all just darkness.

And finally, I finished Katherine's scarf. Holy moley this one took a while! I started it at a band concert this summer - I thought I'd never get through that tiny little ball of sock weight wool. You know, there's something to be said for chunky acrylic on size 8 needles. ;o) So the 2 little girls' scarves are done, 1 "medium" girl (as Daniel would say - my niece Hannah is 9) and 1 more big girl (niece Alana is 15.)

A few other non-needle pursuits this week too, but the natives are growing restless. It's Sunday morning and they want food. Imagine.


Christine Thresh said...

I'm falling down in awe about your falling down drunk top. It is really cool (and will be really cozy someday).

Rian said...

The top is awesome. The play of color and shape in this piece is beautiful.

kjstrouble1 said...

Loved both the quilt top and the scarf, can't wait to see the finished cross stitch. I just found this site, and think I will have to add it to my favorites.

Annie said...

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, how I love that quilt top! Just fabulous.

: )

Dorothy said...

Wow, thanks! Christine, the top is fairly small, 32" x 36" and I think I will quilt it fairly heavily, so it won't end up cozy, but it can still look that way. And hopefully, that *someday* won't be too far off. I'm seriously trying to get a handle on all these almost projects I have around here. My daughter (for one) would disagree, but for me, right now, done really is better than perfect.

Tanya Brown said...

Holy cow, you've been busy!

The quilt top is beautiful; you have such a great sense of color and composition.

Teri said...

Wow! you are really using your free time to finish things up!!