Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Menu

Since this seems to be the thing, all over, posting your Turkey Day menu, here's mine.

turkey (natch)
lumpy mashed potatoes with some of the skins left on (Tori's choice)
tiny baby peas (Scott's favourite, I hate peas, even the cute baby ones)
dinner rolls (new recipe, VERY yum!)
bacon and sage stuffing
cranberry orange sauce

Pumpkin Dump Cake (Simon's choice)
peanut butter bars

Apple and Eve Cran-Apple (the best cranapple juice ever)

We eat a kinda sorta traditional dinner, heavy on the fat and starch. Green bean casserole has never darkened my table, never will if I have anything to say about it. And while I love squash, no one else does, so why bother?

Every year for the past few, in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I ask the kids if there's anything specific they'd like to have. Tori piped right up with the lumpy potatoes, and Simon was quick on her heels with the Pumpkin Dump. Alrighty, no pies here (and that's fine.) Daniel - well he started rambling about meatloaf and candycanes and macaroni - we'll give him another shot at Christmas dinner time. Scott pouted a little when I didn't ask him, so I did. "Honey, is there something special you'd like for Thanksgiving dinner?" "yeah, pizza." Well. Won't YOU be surprised, Mr. Smartypants.

UPDATE: Rian, here's a link to the roll recipe. I didn't make it in the bread machine because mine seems to have a demon living in it (it dances around the counter making horrible noises when I try to use it.) So I mixed and kneaded by hand. I made 18 little dinner sized rolls by rolling 36 bitty balls, and placing them two apiece into muffin tins. I parbaked them (about 10 minutes) let them cool completely, then finished them just before dinner. They were perfect - light, a little sweet, and they split easily down the middle. I don't think I've ever seen a Allrecipes entry with so many positive reviews.


Myra said...

When I saw pizza I was thinking "huh"? Then I read on and laughed out loud! Happy Thanksgiving.

Rian said...

Me too. About the pizza, I mean.

I don't suppose you'd share the new recipe for those yummy dinner rolls????

Dorothy said...

Rian, I added a link to the recipe for the rolls. And the pizza made everyone laugh (some of us a little more smug-ly than others.)

John Mutford said...

Hopeyou had a great Thanksgiving!