Monday, November 19, 2007


I've vacated the Next 4 list, with the exception of the current #1. I really ought to include Alana's and Katherine's scarves, but they've become my "it's too dark to count threads anymore so I'm putting Joy away" project and they'll be done in time. Next Christmas brings the threat blessing of two 16 year old giftees, my sister's oldest, Phillip, and my second brother's youngest (finally!), Alana. For Phillip I have no idea yet, so I'll let that percolate a bit. For Alana, whose favourite colour according to my mom is (yeah!!!) red, I think I'll go with a traditional two colour red and white, or red and *something* Lady of the Lake.

I've been enamoured of the block since I read Alias Grace a long time ago, and now its time has come. It won't look quite so traditional, though. You'll see. :o) Hey, I could re-read Grace for my Canadian Book Challenge. Yeah! Bet I don't have it anymore though. I'll give the library a peek later in the week when the kids are all home and making me nuts.

So, huh. Look at that, I guess I've got my next four pondered out. #1 is the Nesting Robin, then scarves, then Alana, then Phillip. Well, that was easy!

And while I was at it, I added a cool little Amazon widget of all the books I've read recently. Easy peasy, too!

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