Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Update

First off, if you missed it, the pear fell. We're trying to come to terms with that, me and Fat Bottom. He's moved on to other rotten, frozen fruit, and I ran over the leaves, twigs and mushed fruit crap in the grass with the lawnmower. We're gonna be fine. Irene seems to be taking it the hardest. ;o)

I got Bevin's quilt done (except the label) last night. A quick run through the washer, a little dance in the dryer, then out onto the clothesline to finish up. Don't let that green grass and sunshine fool you. It was 21ยบ outside when I hung that up. It's not blowing in the breeze, it's crackling in the cold! That lush looking hosta down there in the bottom right corner is just waiting for the sun to hit it so it can thaw to the consistency of cooked lettuce. Yum. :oP

Joy continues. You know that old "slow and steady wins the race" saying? As soon as Thanksgiving hits, it no longer applies. Actually, once this ribbon and berries bit is done, it's pretty much smooth sailing to the end. However, since I have to keep postage time in mind when calculating how long until Christmas, I'm starting to itch a bit about it. Nothing I can do but keep plugging, I guess. I'm stitching with my fingers crossed hoping to avoid any more ripping out. It's become obvious that my eyes may not be up to this much longer.

I plopped this up onto the kitchen counter to take a pic (there's no good surface to photo this wool, I think) and Cute Boyfriend immediately set upon it. Knitting needles make GREAT plasma swords. "Hands off, pal." "I'm not touching!" "Yet."

Tractor snowblade pivot pins also make great weapons. The old one still hasn't reappeared despite four hours of garage cleaning yesterday, and the new one isn't here yet. Snow was forecast for Thursday and Friday of last week, but we've been spared so far. There's no reason not to the chains on, but I haven't. There's nothing like a foot of wet snow and spinning, chainless tractor wheels to teach a kid some new, colourful vocabulary. heh. Maybe the flakes'll hold off until after Thanksgiving.


dot said...

Great quilt. I really like this one. The colors are wonderful.

katelnorth said...

Bevin's quilt looks great, Dorothy. I love it. I know what you mean about mailing time at Christmas - you think, oh, it's only mid-November, plenty of time. Then realise the last guaranteed posting day for overseas is the 7th of December or so...yikes!

Debra Spincic said...

Super quilt, Dorothy!

Tanya Brown said...

Earth hues aren't usually my thing, but I keep wanting to reach through my computer monitor and grab that quilt off the line. I'd give it a good home, honestly!

If you can grow hostas, you're a better gardener than me. I kill 'em every time, sigh.