Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Update

It's been a week. Oooh, boy it's been a week. I was the afternoon program mom at pre-school on Monday and Wednesday. That effectively wrote off both days, since, really what's the point in starting something when I've gotta put it away two hours later anyway? I didn't get into my groove until Thursday, but when I did, wooo! Stand back!

Quilting - I finally got around to dropping those two little quilts for Katie in the mail. She loved them (whew) and there was a nice little check in the mail yesterday. :o) I haven't worked on the Nesting Robin in weeks, but I think that will change this evening. All 5 "clues" have been revealed, I wonder if I can have it done before Christmas? The Kissing Hand (done), Harold and the Purple Crayon (done), the Giving Tree, Make Way for Ducklings, and The Polar Express. Watch this space for updates. ;o)

Knitting - the mystery project continues. Holy cow, how much yarn could two dumb skeins hold, anyway? (uh, that'd be 223 yards. ) Maybe I will take a picture and hope Tori doesn't peek. She really has no interest in my little slobber puddle here, I'm sure. She rolls her eyes at the mere mention. And if she does peek, and she does see, she's a smart enough girl to never breathe a word.

Joy - Oh, Joy. There's another mistake, but I'm not telling, and I'm not fixing it, since it's small and work-around-able. And with 28 count linen, maybe mom won't feel the need to count threads. And if she does, perhaps Tori could have a word with her about keeping it to herself, hmmm?

Squirrel Work - As I mentioned the other day, dwindling daylight brings out the squirrel in me. I haven't found the missing Channel Pivot Pin to attach the blade to the tractor, so I'll order one, and that can be a job for next weekend. $3.50 for the pin, $8. shipping. ugh. Tori and I got the final lawn work done in the front and north side of the house this afternoon. I have a few days of sun this week before (maybe?) snow on Wednesday. I'm certain I can get the rest of it done in time. And if not, well, it'll be covered with snow, right? So who cares?

And finally (but certainly not least), this. When we built this house, we really didn't know what kind of pendant light we wanted for over the breakfast bar. Scott found these black hanging lights at Home Depot for almost nothing - they weren't (too) awful, and like I said, they were cheap. So that's what we had. For seven years, that's what we had. I've never liked them, but it seems Scott became very fond of them. He can visit them in the box in the garage. The new lights were delivered by UPS about 2 weeks ago, and on Friday, when I decided I could live with the mess on the counter no longer, I put them up. Much better. They are counterweighted so they can be raised or lowered very easily. I suspect that won't happen, but I like the way the pulley system looks. And the brushed pewter matches the drawer pulls and cupboard door knobs too.

Oh, and I started over again with the 35 Days again today. Tomorrow should be easier, everyone will be somewhere else. ;o)


Tanya Brown said...

Hey, the new lights are nifty. I think you're right about the old lights. They're fine, but they're more "guy lights".

Anonymous said...

You are a jill of all trades, no? I'm impressed!! Love the light, too.)

I made it 3 days on the challenge, and will start over tomorrow (now today). Have you noticed that you catch yourself as soon as it slips out of your mouth?? And that once that first one lets rip, the day is a free-for-all?? LOL

Sheila in Ohio

Dorothy said...

Oh, Sheila, that last line "once that first one lets rip, the day is a free-for-all??" It's true! And it's so completely against the whole spirit of the thing.

And the JIll of all trades thing - I absolutely hate paying someone to do something I'm pretty sure I can do myself. Wiring on new lights is pretty simple, actually, Writing a check for $100 is w-a-y harder.

Christine Thresh said...

Looking at the close-ups -- it was either put up the new fixture, or dust the old one! :-)

Vicky aka stichr said...

The new light is way cool!!!!! I am into the brushed nickel too. Our current [ha] dining room fixture is "uber ugly" as the girls would say, and I have to agree. Even the old light you took down would be 110% better than what I have now!