Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Update

It's that time again - has it really only been a week? It seems longer. Let's do this. (Oh! I sound like Dana Perino. ick)

Quilting: None, zero, zip, nada. The sewing machine never saw the light of day, not once. I did take Bevin's quilt into school with me Monday when I mentor, just for some extra ego strokes, and I wasn't disappointed. :o) I *should* get the Duckling round marked on my Nesting Robin, but I *should* floss twice daily and get 8 hours of sleep, too. Maybe this week.

Knitting: Alana's scarf is done, and gee it's um, old lady looking. Oh well. It looks really nice actually, with Tori's red wool coat. Maybe Alana has a red wool coat too. I also started, then re-started, then ripped and re-restarted (lather, rinse, repeat) a little scarf for Katherine. She'll be 4 next month, and I'm sure she could care less, but gee I hate fat wool on big needles. I tried cables, I tried a braid, I tried *everything* I could think of to make this fat wool look a little more delicate, but it didn't work and I gave up. You know, you can put a tutu on an elephant, and name her Karen Kain but it's unlikely she'll dance Swan Lake. So I gave in and let the fat yarn be fat yarn, simply knit with a wide rib. I'll add big sassy pompoms to the ends and be done with it. Fast.

And Joy: Plodding on. This is just about the end of the cross stitch - there's a spring of holly at the bottom and that's it. Much of the rest is the satin stitch, kloster work hardanger that makes this piece a little more than just a cross stitch. Those blocky hearts in the middle, and more below need the openwork done, but I'm leaving that for a calm, quiet moment, it's a bit nervy.

It's been overcast and dim (and noisy and child-filled) around here the past few days. I'll get back to this tomorrow when everyone else gets back to school.


Christine Thresh said...

I enjoy looking at the close-ups of your needlework. Such tiny little stitches. I could never do that, but it is lovely.

dee said...

How I wish my eyes were still good enough for cross stitch-because I need another obsession. It's very pretty and I love, love, love, Alana's scarf. I can never find anysoft scarves that don't cost a car payment. They all itch me on the neck. That lacy knit looks delicate and very soft.