Monday, November 26, 2007


(I can't think of a better title, sorry.)

The scarfing is done, in more ways than one. The Thanksgiving leftovers are reduced to memories and a pot of soup. And the fat pink wool and the 8 mm (US size 11) needles have finished the last of the nieces' Christmas scarves. I've got 3 nephews in need of gifts, too, but I think a trip to the UVM store will take care of them nicely. What does a 15 year old boy want with a hand-knit scarf anyway, right?

Today was drizzly and cool. It was also quiet, and tidy and television-free, at least until 3:00 when the noise and mess got home. I enjoyed my lunch with NPR and Khaled Hossieni, oh it was nice. Who was it that recommended 1000 Splendid Suns, was it Fitzy? I LOVE it, and I've only just started.

Tomorrow promises more of the same weather, but a little noisier and less productive with Cute Boyfriend home. Maybe we'll bake some gingerbread. I have to wash the kitchen floor anyway. This morning I was reading with my little second grader mentor-ee, Jordan. She chose a Clifford book, I chose Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby. Jordan claims she has never had a gingerbread man. Ever. How is it even conceivable that a kid can get to 8 years old and never had a gingerbread man? I do believe I need to fix that.


Tanya Brown said...

Hooray! The end of turkey!

I wonder what the statistics are on how long it usually takes people to finish off their turkey?

Christine Thresh said...

I certainly was not the one who recommened 1000 Splendid Suns. I did not think it was much of a story. I won't be a spoiler, but we can compare notes when you've finished reading.

QuiltingFitzy said...

'Twasn't me either, lol. The gals at work are teasing me, I'm beginning a bookcase there because I can't keep up with their reads!

I seriously think we're due for a "cute boyfriend" picture! Possibly while he's cooking?

dee said...

'twas me-3 times. Sorry I missed the NPR thing.Turns out I love The Kite Runner best. Splendid Suns was good but fell short of that one at least for me.

Dorothy said...

Well, I loved The Kite Runner, and I'm fascinated (so far) with the characters in 1000 Splendid Suns. The story's pretty grim so far, but for me, anyway, I don't read for the "what", I read for the "who" - what and how are just the context to better understand the why and who. We'll see. I've had this book since early summer, and only just now got that far down in the pile.

Mr. Hosseini wasn't on NPR, sorry if I gave that impression, it was just on in the background. I felt very grown up with my book and my sandwich and "As it Happens" in the background. ;o)

Vicky aka stichr said...

Megan and I love the Gingerbread Baby! Jan her art and books.