Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Braiden's hat

Modeled by the once again half naked Cute Boyfriend. Look at you? "Why would I do that?"

Took about a half hour, including the 20 minutes I spent programming his name into the sewing machine. I stitched it into the inside of the hat, in the hem? cuff? If he's anything like his dad, or any of his uncles (or aunts for that matter) or cousins, having his name inside will make it easier to claim from the Lost and Found.

Next up, I REALLY have to get Joy done.

Further to yesterday's post: Christine, I *am* the finisher. Sigh. Too bad my confidence in my skills isn't as great as Susan's is. She doesn't want it framed. It's not in the european tradition (as far as I can see from my mother's, aunts' grandmother's work) and she would like it done in the traditional style. I like the idea of hanging tabs. I'll see her tomorrow and mention that. Perhaps she can keep an eye out for a nice cafe curtain rod, and I'll make small loops to run it through. I think the bottom will need to be weighted, perhaps a rod atthe bottom too, to make it look scroll-like? In the meantime, I've posted on the about.com cross stitch forum (who knew?) and will keep searching webshots and google images for ideas. thanks all!


Christine Thresh said...

It seems to me most needlework things are matted and framed. The ones I've seen on Antiques Roadshow are usually done this way. Perhaps it is because the threads are delicate and they would sag or distort if hung.
Why is she against framing?
I hope you get some good answers from the About.com cross stitch forum.

Jeri said...

It is a beautiful piece. I'm not in a position to advise... if it were *mine*, I'd put muslin tabs on it and hang with a small cafe curtain rod.

I know you're a thrifty sort, but cute boyfriend needs clothes, baby! :)