Monday, December 03, 2007

Isn't this pretty?

What a family treasure! Not my family, though. My friend Susan (the requestor of the annual table runner) is just full of surprises this year. First, she *didn't* want the table runner I made on spec ;o) in November, then she comes up with this.

She moved her father to Vermont from Minnesota earlier this fall, and came across this in his house. It was made by a family friend about 30 years ago, and represents her grandmother's family tree. It's lovely, and (yeah!!) signed by the artist.

Susan would like this backed, with some way to hang it for display. I can slip stitch a muslin back to this, easily, but am not sure yet about the best way to make it hangable. It's not heavy, but it is large. Any ideas? I'm thinking that a sleeve at the top would accomplish that purpose just fine, but it might distort the piece - it's light. Maybe a pice of 1x2 lumber? Should I treat it (polyurethane?) to keep the acids from the wood off the fabric? Maybe look for a really thin cafe curtain rod?


Christine Thresh said...

There are needlework finishers that know how to "finish" any type of work. I believe they can be found by going to a needlework store. I understand finishers are very expensive. Perhaps you could look at some "finished" pieces and get a clue as to how they are handled. You are very talented (and thrifty) so you might take on the job yourself. But look around a see what the traditional methods are.
I "know" all this because I read Monica Ferris books and her main character is always sending things off to a finisher.

Anonymous said...

My first gut reaction was this:

Then, when I saw how little margin you have, I thought maybe hanging tabs instead. They could be evenly spaced and the rod or wood would not touch the heirloom piece.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Maybe go with a frame instead?

It sure is lovely~

dee said...

What a treasure that is.
I'm thinking a professional touch may be needed.My friend Pam just had her small white on white piece framed and it cost over $300 for the whole shebang. Archival backing and really fancy frame and such. Here's hoping it can be done for a lot less. I like the idea of hanging it but be careful with the wood-maybe paint it first and cover it with heavy cotton cloth. The oils in the wood do transfer. Ask me how I know????

Vicky aka stichr said...

I would also find a way to protect the front of the work...many ways have run through my head, but nothing stuck around long enough to mention.

Oh, remind Susan to keep it out of the sun.