Monday, December 17, 2007

Enough with the weather reporting!

Okay, last pics, I promise. This morning we have...tada! Less snow at the ruler than we had last night. It's blown off, heh, over there. The official tally is just around a foot of snow from this storm (if you want to call it that.) The wind picked up after bedtime last night and with the snow as light as it is, it blew away and drifted elsewhere. Found it!

There's no school today, and so no reason to go anywhere anytime soon. I'll plow, eventually.


Christine Thresh said...

You can keep on giving snow reports. It is interesting to hear about what's going on back east.
I hope your power stays on.

dee said...

Well-you win in the snow amount. My car is covered by an iceberg and it's 25 out. The wind is howling and I have one more stupid thing to have to go out for...agh!!Hope the lights stay on for both of us. I'm swiftly going into hibernation mode.

julieQ said...

I like the snow reports!!

Come on down and rake leaves with us...

Have fun!! JulieQ