Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Migraine: Day 2

Ugh. But I press on.

Now. I have a question. Who was the sweetheart that started this whole "cleaning up your studio" deal? Tanya? Nah, you just got sucked along. Christine? I'm looking at you. You might have caught the bug from Bonnie at Quiltville though, but she's excusable, she's trying to sell her house.

In any case. I sew in the kitchen. My studio is the breakfast bar, and today, I had an epiphany. Christmas is two weeks away. While I would *like* to send out wonderful quilted cards to all I that hold dear, and some that I hold at arms length, it ain't gonna happen. The wind is out of my sails. I'm kaput. Spent. Done. And I don't care. So I cleared all my sewing things away, restored that vast expanse of counter to it's rightful purpose - the preparing and serving of fabulous meals. Or PB&J. Whichever, my kitchen, for right now, is a kitchen.

Arriving at the mental state of kitchen-ness was a whole lot easier that the physical state thereof, especially with a headache, but hopped up on Excedrine, Claritin, Imitrex, and hot tea, I did it.

There's a corner of my kitchen that had been the bills/mail/school stuff area. It became the "drop everything that doesn't have an obvious other home" zone. Not pretty. A year or so I lamented on the spilled bottle of Cyanoacrylate fused for perpetuity to that corner. I was, at the time, able to pull the bottle away from it's label, but a rock-hard cradle of super-glue remained. Super-glue remover did nothing to make that block of plastic go away. Know what? Neither did 2 years of ignoring it. Know what else? Smashing the hell out of it with a hammer didn't either. Why does super-glue come in big bottles, but superglue solvent only in tiny little tubes. It's a racket, I tell you.

Anyway, that corner is now restored to it's former, uh, glory. Purpose. Pick one.

Moving around the counter I polished the sink (imagining smiling, hovering Flyladies), wiped down every inch of vast expanse. Bread in the breadbox, candycanes in the jar by the door, screws, nails, keys, GPS, iron, safety scissors, crayons, glue stick, handmade soaps, vitamin C drops - a place for everything, and everything in its place somewhere else. Ahhh. Tomorrow... maybe I'll steam clean the living room carpet. Or maybe I'll flake on the couch with a bag of Smartfood and the 3 Survivor episodes I've got tivo'd. Think I could do both?


dee said...

I'd go for the popcorn and Survivor but then, when you look up the word sloth in the dictionary my picture appears. Hugs from NY where no flylady dare appear. Hope you feel all better soon.

Rian said...

Just make sure you keep the volume down low. When I get a migraine all thoughts of productivity go right out the window. I cave in.

Jane Ann said...

Whew, well I'm done in just reading about what you've been doing. Now I'm too tired to do anything about my own mess. Maybe tomorrow.

Christine Thresh said...

Don't blame me for the clean up bug. So far I've just made pictures and hope it will all come together in some mysterious way.