Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Last week

layer and quilt pinwheels
finish Tori's sweater - still need that button

Orthodontist Tori and Simon, Tuesday
PTO Tuesday pm
Parent teacher conferences Thursday pm, Friday am.
Tori to Boston Friday
contact donors re: food for fundraiser - trip to Costco?

Busy week this was, but it's over. I woke up yesterday convinced there was something VERY IMPORTANT that I had completely forgotten to do, but if there really is/was something, the world hasn't ended. Yet.

The pinwheel quilt, as revealed Friday is done, labeled, and ready to be delivered on Tuesday. It's part of a silent auction being held in conjunction with a Talent Show to raise funds to bring more enrichment residency programs to the elementary school. We have a number of very talented artists and many generous local businesses, all of them donating their time and talent to our cause. We have no idea how this will go over, we've never done it before, but if it's a hit, we'll do it every year! It's a fun way to spend a Saturday evening and support a worthwhile cause. Win-win.

My Cute Boyfriend turns 6 this week. How's that even possible? I picked up his birthday present last week, one less thing to squeeze into these busy next few days. And my beautiful girl Tori turns, gasp, 16. Again, that's simply not possible.

Yesterday was Pi Day - 3.14 so, of course, I made a pie! Apple, and it was delicious. The crust was a different recipe, from Allrecipes. Unusual ingredients, unusual prep, but wonderful results. I'll use it again! This week's baking will lean more heavily toward birthday cakes and bake sale cookies. If I had an ounce more sense, and an ounce less pride, I'd pick up one of those huge clamshells of "homemade" cookies from Costco. We'll see how that balance is working by Thursday when I run up there to get the hot dogs and cheese sauce.

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - Spaghetti
Monday - tomato soup, grilled cheese
Tuesday - Crisp Braised Pork Shoulder (from Epicurious, click to go there)
Wednesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu, buttered noodles, corn on the cob
Thursday - Chicken fingers and fries
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Talent Show - hot dogs and nachos


deliver ACS Daffodils
Tuesday - sub 1/2 day in library
Wednesday - Daniel's Birthday!
Thursday - Costco trip
Saturday a.m. Tori Girl Scout Cookie Store
Saturday - Talent Show/Silent Auction
Sunday - Tori's Birthday!

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HB hugs and wishes for CB and Tori!