Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Tuesday?!

Yes, Tuesday evening, in fact.

I started quilting the little Bento quilt, a border of SITD around the actual Bento part to be filled in with a medium meander. SITD? check! Lovely, straight, yeah! Meander? notsomuch. Ripping out stitches takes 4 time as long as putting them in, even if the back tension is competely haywire. sigh. I'll try again tomorrow.

I didn't do it today because, OMG! I went to a food service vendors' expo in Burlington with Lisa (the school's kitchen manager.) How much fun was that?! We walked in at 9:30 and were handed bags, badges, and coffee. Followed by samples of every possible kind of food service product you can imagine. Breakfast *things* with hashbrowns, eggs and bacon, ice cream, fresh fruit, lamb, duck, beef, pizza, and my favourite Cha Shao Bao and spring rolls. I sooooo, need to get Lisa to order me some of those next time I make Chinese food. I used to go to trade shows as an exhibitor when I worked for a screen print software company. I'd forgotten how much fun they were.

So now it's almost 10 and I'm tired. I do want to respond to a few comments on my post on Sunday. I said that chaos made me angry and frustrated. It does. I don't understand the "clean house (desk, sewing room...) / sick (wasted, troubled) mind" philosophy, just as I'm sure there are many who really don't see the virtue in a shiny sink. Different strokes, folks. Nothing wrong with you, and nothing wrong with me, either. Stress doesn't cause my migraines (at least not dirty kitchen stress), hormones and I believe my chronic anemia do. I get 'em every month, twice a month, like clockwork. Cleaning makes me feel better, not worse. So, everyone okay with that? good. Now, if you'll excuse me, 6:15 a.m. comes a little too early, so I'm off to bed.


Warty Mammal said...

Um. Is it okay if I thought the picture of the sink you posted the other day was really pretty? Sort of a cathedral of dishwashing.

Dorothy said...

I think it's pretty too! When we moved here (we built this house from 1000 miles away - don't do that) I walked in and the whole kitchen made me smile. But that window is definitely the star of the show.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I too love a clean house - just makes me feel better about things -and I definitely can't quilt or stitch with a mess hanging around - so guess what today is - right, clean up the mess day. LOL

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Back in the days when everyone was gone during the day, I would clean the house up and then sit and admire the Zen, the Impact, the Karma of it all. [my brain is on fizz this morning, pardon the strange wording]

And then the girls would get home from school and pop that bubble faster'n a twister on speed. Heavy Sigh.

So I sit and admire your house from afar.