Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hush, mama!

There's a robin's nest in one of the trees behind the house, and mama bird freaks completely out whenever anyone walks over to the garden. Or pulls into the driveway. Or opens the backdoor. Or goes to the composter. Or sneezes. Or anything she considers a threat to her precious family to be. Robins are really dumb birds. They build their homes in awkward spots, often above doors or on windowsills, then stress for every waking second that someone's gonna get 'em.

You can see her in this second picture, one tree over, trying to lure me away. As soon as I got a bit close to her, she'd flit over to another tree, and if I moved back toward the nest (20 feet up, no chance I'm getting close) she'd come screaming back and try to move me again. Good mama, but she's gonna give herself a coronary.


Zazzu said...

Good pictures.

Last summer, every time I went out to one side of the house, a very loud bird went completely nuts. And every time, the sudden LOUD screeching nearly gave me a stroke.

So, yeah, good mama. Shrill and annoying, but good. :)

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Robins are funny. But what really caught my eye were the pine needles....do they smell piney? boy do I need a dose of that!