Saturday, May 16, 2009

Speed Sewing

I've missed a couple of my 30-minutes-every-day days, and I was hit with the realization yesterday that Memorial Day isn't some ephemeral way off in the distance deadline, it's NEXT WEEKEND! So I bucked up, got the Nola quilt layered in the ante meridiem, and quilted in the post. I think I might maybe want to perhaps do some blue stippling in the blue areas, just to tamp them down a little, BUT (and yes, that's a big but) I don't want to sew myself into a corner time-wise. So I've slapped on the binding, I'll get it sewn down, and then, if there's time, I'll do the stippling. Or decide not to.

I'll start on the curtains (just straight hemmed panels) this weekend, and have them ready to deliver by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I believe I'm working Thursday and Friday. Or maybe just Friday. Whatever, I want them off my plate and off my conscience.

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