Sunday, May 17, 2009

The week

Last week

Finish Tom's quilt top. Layer for quilting. 1/2 hour every day!

Monday, Wednesday - T-ball
Tuesday - Simon Orthodontist
Thursday - Kindergarten sub
Friday - Creemee stand opens!!

I'm halfway down the third side of the binding on Tom's quilt. It'll be "done" by tonight. It'll be done-er next week if I have time. Maybe I'll bring it in and show Lisa (the commission-er) tomorrow and let her decide. Either way it will require a hanging sleeve and a label, so this "done" is really just the first in a series of stages of done.

I haven't started the curtains yet (another "do you think you could...?") and it won't happen today either. Simon has asked if he and some friends can go see Star Trek in Middlebury. Small theater, only two screens, and I don't want to see it or Angels and Demons (need to see DaVinci first) so this afternoon's a coffee and book session while I wait. Too bad I can't rig up a sewing space in the truck - I could get those curtains started after all. Maybe I'll hit TJ Maxx - I really need some casual-but-nicer-than-a-t-shirt tops for school. Fashion Bug's there too. And maybe I could get some groceries... So much for my book.

This week promises to be far less busy (I hope.) No ortho-dontist, I'm subbing just one 1/2 day (so far) and t-ball is games not practices so I only have to pay attention 1/2 the time. *grin*

This week

Dinner Menu
Sunday - steaks, baked potatoes
Monday - Quiche (bacon, onion)
Tuesday - spaghetti
Wednesday - grilled ham steaks
Thursday - hamburgers/hot dogs
Friday - pizza
Saturday - mac & cheese (crock pot)

Finish Nola quilt.
Finish Kayhart curtains.

Monday, Wednesday - T-ball
Friday - Sub 1/2 day kindergarten
Friday - open mic night @ high school

Oh, and last chance if you want that turquoise fabric - I'm gonna choose and mail tomorrow. Comment on this post.


Zazzu said...

Oh, you should go see Star Trek. It's awesome.

But, yeah, Angels and Demons...bleh. I couldn't sit through the Da Vinci code. What a snore!

The commissioned quilt is looking great so far.

Heather said...

Actually Angels and Demons takes place before DaVinci but the Davinci Code was so bad that I'm not going to see the new movie - and I loved the books.

Wilma NC said...

I'm dying to see Star Trek. You have been a busy woman!