Monday, July 06, 2009


Anybody sticking around for this? I don't blame you for heading off to greener pastures - it's pretty dull around these parts. I didn't even bother to post last weekend (and I missed it when it came time to make dinner, and I had no idea what to cook!) So, here's this week's wrap up, look forward

Last Week

Keep working on Tori's Bento quilt when she's not around
quilt RWB ufo

Monday - drive Tori to work @ 7:00
Wednesday - p/u Tori @ 3:00, get car parts at Mazda
Thursday - p/u fridge parts in Middlebury
Friday - Oma leave for Alaska cruise
Friday - p/u bench

Last Monday was the first Monday evening band concert of the summer. We've been rainy here, showers and thunderstorms just about every day, but the skies cleared long enough to settle on the grass for some sweet sounds and strawberry shortcake. That was Monday. It rained the rest of the week, pausing for fireworks Friday night, and then letting up for a GORGEOUS sunny day yesterday. The temps have been on the cool side - add the abundant water, and the garden (yeah!) and weeds (boo!) have been growing great guns. We've already picked broccoli, peas (done now) and onions. The lettuce and spinach have bolted, so they're done too. But look! Tomatoes! on all the plants, even the little lemon pear that some beast kept nibbling until I built a fortress around it. (GMCR cup, cardboard cone, wire cage.) Only a month 'til BLTs, I better get more lettuce in. ;o)

Fat Cat (Goldie) made an emergency trip to the vet Monday night after we came home from the concert to find him lying in a puddle of bloody pee. Poor guy hadn't been feeling well but I guess couldn't wait for his Tuesday appointment. $600 later we don't know what caused the obstructed urethra (no crystals, no stones) but he's back home with a cool new haircut and a bottle of bubblegum flavoured amoxicillin in the fridge. And the suggestion that maybe dropping a couple of pounds couldn't hurt. You and me both, cat.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - quiche and salad
Tuesday - fried rice
Wednesday - spaghetti, garlic bread
Thursday - Indonesian Grilled Pork Loin (Simon)
Friday - pizza
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - steaks

Keep working on Tori's Bento quilt when she's not around

Monday - Friday Daniel swimming lessons
Monday - Friday Tori Jump Camp (Vergennes)
Monday- City band @ park 7pm
Thursday - Book Club meeting


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

oh wassa pussa cat not feeling well....purrrr...murmp...mawp...purrr...

The pork sounds great! Dan got some chops, and I may have to jazz up a few for mom and me.

Teri said...

yes, I still check in to see what's for dinner!
I hope that you are having a good summer. Are you working on any knitting projects?

Warty Mammal said...

I'm here! I'm just running behind in reading blogs, and I usually don't have anything worthwhile to say.

So glad your cat is recovering!