Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christmas on Thursday

Now 'til I'm done (which will be, delusion-free, Christmas Eve) I'm going to share my Christmas gift making progress on Thursdays. Whee!! Along with Wordless Wednesdays and Flashback Fridays, another post-day that demands zero thought, except that required to remember to share.

So let's start with Oma, my mother. Lover of handmade, but only the kind of handmade that she makes with her own hands. Oma has demonstrated repeatedly that she does not appreciate the time or skill involved in a quilt. It's not that she doesn't understand the work involved, but she's not a quilter, and by her own admission, she doesn't "get it." She likes quilts, she just really doesn't want one any more. I've learned that lesson, and don't take it personally.

What she does appreciate is knitting and embroidery. Mom makes knitted teddy bears for the Alzheimer Society, for her church's youth mission, for people who need them. She's made bears for each of my children, and they love them. Personally? meh. But I knit, and I see the work and appreciate the skill. But 3 is plenty in this house, thanks.

Oma is a prolific embroiderer, as well. She does less counted cross stitch than she used to, and my crossed eyes and cramped 30 year younger fingers know exactly why. She's branched out into beautiful hand made cards. Gorgeous, and she's smart enough to only send them to people who will appreciate the work. Like me. :o)

As I've shared before, I have stitched several Hummel pictures for mom in the past. Those she likes, showing them off to visitors, and sigh, pointing out errors to only her closest friends who completely understand and nod comfortingly. It's a joy to have a daughter who loves you enough to give you such a wonderfully personal and only slightly imperfect gift.
I'm not sure how many Hummels is enough Hummels. I'm hoping it's more than two, but seriously? less than... twenty. This, in progress, is number three.


Sara said...

Dang, those stitches are small! It is going to be lovely!!!

The Calico Cat said...

As a cross-stitcher in recovery, you deserve the daughter of the year award.