Friday, August 21, 2009

Ninety eight years ago, tomorrow.

Johannes Frans Rolfing (1882-1918) and Kaatje Klos Rolfing (1884-1978)
children l-r Aagje (1910-1996) Coolje (1910-1914) Wilhelmina (1907-1945) Jannette (1908-1992)

My mother has helpfully noted on the back of it, that this photo was taken on the occasion of my great grandparents' 5th wedding anniversary, August 22, 1911. My mother's mother is the little one on the left side of the table. She and her twin sister would have been less than a year old in this picture. Men in my mother's family were a rare, and fleeting exception. Her father, my grandfather, died when she and her younger sister were very young, and she would have never known her grandfather. He died just 7 years after this picture was taken, leaving a wife and her three surviving daughters.


Greg said...

Love your blog. have you cleared the rose beds yet?

Dorothy said...

Yeah, Greg, that'd be a big ol' no. It's on the list! :o)