Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Red Scarf

No pictures of the Hummel kids today - they're still nothing but gray. I should have remembered this from the previous ones of done - muddy, muddy colours. Instead, for your viewing pleasure, my newest distraction.

I should have started this with the first band concert back in July, but I'm not sure where my head was. Next week's the last Monday evening show, and I have 6 inches of scarf to show for it. Both the inspiration and the pattern are from Now Norma Knits. Scroll back to the beginning of July where Norma introduced me to the Red Scarf Project. What a good plan, and sure, I can do that. To make it even easier, she provides days and days worth of links to scarf patterns. Throw the ball of reclaimed red wool I came across into the mix,and how could I resist? The pattern I'm using is The Corrugator by Paula in Nova Scotia, it's super easy, totally mindless knitting. And doesn't it look great? Small, but great, yes?


julieQ said...

Yes, it does look great! Love the red, and thank you for the links. I am making a scarf too!

The Calico Cat said...

Is that a kitty cat quilt under your knitting?

Dorothy said...

It *is* a kitty quilt. I was in a swap of cat blocks in cat fabrics quite a few years ago, so there's a whole lot of cat on this quilt, even when my two fat cats aren't actually sitting on it.