Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Update

This Week

Keep working on Tori's Bento quilt when she's not around

Tuesday - Dentist (all 3 kids) 2:00
Wednesday - Orthodontist 2:50

clear old rose bed, plant Stella D'Oros
continue weeding, picking beans, cucumbers, tomatoes

Oooh, it was a hot one this week, and promises the same for the week ahead. Hot here is 90+ but with humidity in the 60-70% range, it's just miserable as far as I'm concerned. I didn't get any gardening done this week, beyond picking some veggies and pulling a couple weeds. I just can't stand being out in the heat.

The garden is doing okay, better than many of my neighbours'. There's a serious plague of Late Blight here in the northeast that may or may not be traced to a grower in the south who supplied many of the big box type garden centers up here. My plants came from Survivor Greenhouse, and seem to be resisting so far. The yield is way down, but that could be due to the over abundant rain and this guy as much as anything. Daniel calls him Bunbun. I call him Trouble.

I did manage to get the 48 blocks for Tori's quilt assembled. Next chunks will be 2 by 2, there will only be 12 of those. That's the goal for this week. I'm wondering about an August finish... I am still waiting for a call from Thread Connections about her mid-arm training. I've got the ebay top out and waiting as a practice piece, but we're already beyond halfway in August and nothing. Time to go for a dig, I think, and see what else I can finish by the end of the month.

I started the Hummel cross stitch for my mom for Christmas. Tori and her friend Hannah would like to check out some Canadian colleges and I suggested Thanksgiving week might work for a road trip. If that pans out, I'd like to have the piece done in time to take it with me. I'll share a pic later this week - doesn't look like much right now, it's variations on gray at this point. I'll get some colour in there, then snap a progress shot.

The big kids are both cooking again this week. Last week I convinced Simon that a 90ยบ kitchen was no place to be baking and deep frying, so his Sweet and Sour chicken became teriyaki chicken cooked outside on the grill. Great stuff, but next time, honey, you gotta remember to shut the gas off when you take the meat off. I think the tank was close to empty, so no real harm done, but we did legitimately contribute to global warming this week. Sorry Al.

Scott's been plugging away on the deck in the afternoons when the sun's gone around to the other side of the house. All the top boards are on, and he built me some temporary steps so I don't break my left leg trying to get up. (In the past week I've torn up my left calf on a rough piece of pressure treated lumber, been stung on the left shoulder, fell off a ladder and bruised my left hip and knee, and pulled a muscle on the left side of my neck. Oh, and developed a cold sore on the left side of my lip.) We laid out there Wednesday and Thursday nights watching the meteor showers. Great stuff. The board you can see here on the edge is part of the edge trim - it will run around the outside of the whole thing like a frame on a picture. Can't wait!

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - hot dogs at the park
Tuesday - deli sandwiches
Wednesday - ? Tori
Thursday - ? Simon
Friday - pizza
Saturday - mac & cheese
Sunday - pork chops

Assemble 48 blocks into 12 chunks
Oma's Hummel for Christmas

Wednesday - Middle School math meeting 6:30
clear old rose bed, plant Stella D'Oros
continue garden chores


Zazzu said...

Cute bunny. Our yard is positively crawling with them every year. Bunnies and chipmunks are why I can't grow strawberries. :(

Better get that deck finished before you permanently cripple yourself. A cold sore means it's time to get some rest and take some extra Vitamin C. Works for me, anyway.

QuiltingFitzy said...

If you'd stop running circles around yourself...

Goodness girlfriend, take it easy!

Feel better soon.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

if i had a garden, i would be removing slugs from everything, yuck!

love the deck!!!!!!! ours is coming along too, maybe i will even take a picture of it.

we are supposed to have another 90 degree day today, but we don't get the humidity, so i can't much.