Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

Thursday again. The Creepy Dudes, as Tori has taken to calling these Hummel boys, are almost completely stitched. I'm missing one colour of floss, DMC 437, but have a trip to Midd planned this morning, so I'll check at Ben Franklin. Barring that, I'll use something else. Who'll know? The backstitching will take a while, and I'm pretty certain I won't be able to work on that in the evenings - it's a lot of dark-on-dark and geeze, I can't see up close to read in the DAYtime anymore without my readers.

Since I didn't include a picture of the scarf last week, here it is. It really hasn't progressed much at all since the band concerts ended a few weeks ago - that was my knitting time. But if I can't see to stitch at night, I guess I can knit... This pattern can practically be done with my eyes closed.

And finally, and only for a little while, here's Tori's quilt. I'll assemble the top today, this is just the chunks laid out on the floor. I had started sewing the remaining 12" blocks together and oh geeze! I was short 6. Six! SIX!? How the heck did lose my ability to reliably count to 12? I could not get my head around how that could have happened. I tried pencil and paper. No good. I tried a calculator... maaaaaybeee there was a light at the end of this tunnel. Only way to know was to push back the couch, throw everything on the floor, and lay it out. So I did. And I had exactly enough. Whew!

I'll swap out this picture for something different later today. Tori's at school until 3 then babysitting until 4:30. Plenty of time to hid the evidence, both virtual and tangible. Done, oh, and DONE!


dee said...

My Oma had a huge collection of Hummels and they kind of gave me the creeps but she loved them.
Tori's quilt looks great.

heather said...

Great quilt! Glad I got to see it before it disappeared.

The Calico Cat said...

Love all of your projects - glad I got to see the suprise.

Zazzu said...

Wow! I love, Love, LOVE that quilt. Did I say LOVE? Cuz that's what I meant. It's awesome.

Creepy Dudes....HAHAHAHAHA!!

I still think that Hummel figurines are WAAAAAY creepier than your stitchery here. The cross-stitch softens them up. Cutes.

Greg said...

Thats a nice quilt, love the "creepy dudes" as well. Why would you need a scarf in Vermont?

I remember the Ben Franklin stores, back before the "big box" companies came in and drove them all out of business. Lucky you!