Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Day Before Christmas

These ugly kids look like they might be done this week! Wow! The backstitching is going faster than I feared, though Mr. Green Jacket there on the right has some considerable pleat detail (wrinkles?) in his pants and that's gonna take some time. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with how quickly this is getting done.

As I've mentioned several times, Tori's Bento top is done. The backing should arrive today and I'll have it back out the door tomorrow. For anyone who missed it, here it is, all sewn, un-threading on the clothesline. Temporarily (and now it's gone, again).

Not technically Christmas, but I've settled on the quilt patterns for Marilyn's grandchildren. One will be a Courthouse Steps log cabin, the other will use Marcia's Nine Patch - Straight Furrows. Both will use plenty of Marilyn's fabrics. I hope she (and they) like them.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I was going to ask for an emailed pic, since I missed it last time. You read my mind!

I love her quilt!! Very graphic, job well done Dorothy.

Greg said...

I really like that quilt. If Tori doesn't want it you can always send it to me. I'd give it a great home.