Monday, September 07, 2009


I alluded one day last week, to my new goal of spending an hour or so a day doing HOME work. Work around my home. The virtual Honey-Do list. A digital Job Jar. Chores with a time limit. Oh my, but it's working! Call it stewardship, call it blessing my family, call it a plan of action. Whatever the name, I'm on board, and things are getting done.

A list! I need a list! (I love lists)

So far I have:
*Replaced the garage light fixture (for a motion sensored CF using one)
*Repaired the garage door opened chain drive rail (it had been installed poorly and pulled away from the wall)
*Cleared, replanted and mulched the (15') former rose garden
*pulled weeds and pruned perennial bed adjacent to new daylily bed (3+ hours)
*"deck" washed and applied UV sealer to cedar adirondack chair (it looks FABULOUS!)
*"deck" washed the two seat bench (will seal it tomorrow)
*weeded strawberry bed
*began un-planting the garden (and discovered a 4th pumpkin I didn't see before!)
*mowed the front lawn

All of this would have been done, eventually, but truthfully, my history on accomplishments like these tends to be more of a series of "oops, I need to do this RIGHT NOW" moments than "I'm so glad I took care of that before it started snowing" ones.

We've been enjoying some gorgeous weather, and I'll keep up with the outside stuff as long as I'm able. Then, I'll move inside and tackle some of the jobs that aren't getting done in here. Re-reading this, it sounds like Scott doesn't do anything around here. Not true. He's working on the deck when he's not working working. And he really doesn't enjoy yard and garden chores like I do. And I really do.

What remains? Plenty

*more weeding (hours and hours worth)
*straw mulching the strawberries
*moving the raspberry bushes to the orchard
*steam cleaning the spot in the upstairs hall
*putting up cabinet in the downstairs bathroom
*moving play structure to the backyard (that'll require large equipment, I fear)
*building retaining wall and finishing front garden
*clearing brush to meet treeline at back of field
*cleaning gutters, garage, basement, pantry, windows...

I could go on. Maybe I'll keep a running tab on a post-it and update here every now and again.

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Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

How do I get a "Dorothy Does Chores" doll of my own?