Sunday, September 06, 2009

what a great week!

Last Week

Assemble remaining 24 blocks into 6 chunks
Oma's Hummel for Christmas
Red scarf

Monday - Fundraising bulletin board at elem, school
Wednesday - 1st day of school
Wednesday - hair appointment
clear old rose bed, plant Stella D'Oros
continue garden chores

What a satisfying week I've had! Look at that - all my lists, all crossed off!

As I hinted on Thursday, the bento top is finished. I've ordered a wide back from and expect it to arrive this week. If I'd taken the mid-arm class already (note to self: call about mid-arm class) I'd maybe feel confident quilting this myself, but I haven't, and I don't. So I won't. It'll go off, perhaps this week as well.

The cross stitching on the Hummel picture is done, with just one little oops, I'll never say where. It's a single stitch, no one but me will ever know. I'll begin the back-stitch outlining this week and share progress on Thursday. The single colour of floss I was missing was in stock AND on sale at Ben Franklin. And while I was there I checked through their fabrics. This store orders flat folds by colour from a clearinghouse - they can't specify pattern or often manufacturer since what's available is mostly last year (or the year before the year before that.) It's from this selection I found my favourite WoW print a couple of years ago. I wanted more earlier this year when I was working on... *something* but it was gone. Sigh... Guess what I found? 5 3/4 yards of it! @ @$2.99 a yard. I bought it all. No point sentencing anyone else to the heartache of never finding more, right? All told, including the Lindt truffle I snagged at the checkout, the damage was less than $20. Resist? Why would I?

Since Cute Boyfriend is no longer a kinder-gartener, he is allowed to get off the school bus without a big person there to meet him. I've taken the opportunity to not meet his bus by working on the rose bed and the front perennial garden. Down the lane from the bus stop, I'm not there, but I'm still there. Next week when the front bed's finished, I'll move a little further out of direct sight, then by the time it's cold and snowy, I won't have to leave the house at all! ;o) So, for Greg, a picture of the cleared, replanted and mulched former rose-, now daylily bed.

That tree trunk in the back is an elm that can't decide whether it's dying or not. I'm thinking I might make the decision for it. There's a smaller one behind it that's in the same shape - they weren't even leafy enough for their annual infestation of tent caterpillars.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - hot dogs, potato salad
Tuesday - mac and cheese
Wednesday - fried rice
Thursday - pot roast
Friday - strombolli
Saturday - burgers
Sunday - bbq pork loin

send bento quilt to Margaret
backstitching on Hummel
Red scarf

continue garden chores
finish cleaning perennial bed
begin weeding hosta garden

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Greg said...

Look at you! It has been a great week hasn't it. You deserve a gold star, a pat on the back, a piece of chocolate, and probably a nap! Congrats on your hard work, and yes the daylily bed looks nice, can't wait to see it in bloom!