Monday, October 12, 2009

Full-on Ant Mode

I'm in full ant mode again - it's that time of the year. I spent several hours outside yesterday, clearing gardens, turning over soil, putting the yard to bed for the year. And thinking about the what/where for next spring.

I have an hour maybe left on the final of the four raised beds, and the back is done. Yesterday Cute Boyfriend and I pulled the *sigh* dead cherry tree and replaced it with a Gala apple. I'm 0 for 2 with cherries, but I refuse to give up. I'll try again next year. I want cherry trees!

The new composter I bought in the spring has proven itself - one of the beds has a lovely top dressing of well rotted kitchen crap, er scraps and a new load of pulled up salvia plants, dry leaves and apple cores is cooking along quickly - it might even be ready this year! I'm excited about decomposed plant matter? How pathetically hick am I? ;o)

The front of the yard still needs some work - the grass will get a final cut but not until the most of the leaves are down. Put the bag on the mower and I can cut and rake at the same time, and then mulch the flower beds with what I collect. I still need to mount the snow blade on the new tractor.

The oil tank is scheduled for a filling, the furnace is working. The pantry and freezer are stocked. Give me another two weeks, then bring it. I'll be ready! Knock wood.

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Wilma NC said...

Getting ready for winter is always fun!! Oh, I started posting my pics on my blog again, just not much commentary. It's so much easier to share them from there.