Sunday, October 11, 2009

This week, next week

Last Week

Red scarf
Assemble Grandma's Scrap Bin #1 top
Attach binding to Tori's quilt

Try out Santa purse pattern
look for appropriate fabrics for crayon roll

Wednesday - Orthodontist 9:00 - CANCEL THIS APPT.
Wednesday - Hair cut 10:00
Saturday - Soccer Jamboree 8:30-4
continue putting gardens to bed
clear garage flower bed

Well, that looks better, doesn't it? I got a pile o'stuff done this week, and you know what? I feel it. I've had a headache and some mild vertigo for a couple of days now, and have been drawn to way too many carbs, nowhere near enough veggies or lean protein. I need some sleep, and I need some excercise, I need to start paying attention. Alas, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada, and we always "celebrate" here with a turkey dinner, pie, the whole deal. The diet starts Tuesday, I guess.

Last night we had a show with our dinner.
We live on a private road. There are only two houses down here, a street sign on Main Street that says PRIVATE, and a sign attached to our mailboxes that says "PRIVATE DRIVEWAY." Daily, and even several times daily during the summer and fall, we get cars down here that are looking for...? A shortcut? A scenic drive? Something that is NOT here? Cars, often with out-of-state plates drive in, slow down when they pass my driveway, and stop abruptly when they realize their off-the-map excursion has planted them right in front of our neighbours' garage door. They turn around (or sometimes don't, and back out) and often speed out of here, like maybe we won't notice if they leave, quick.

*and now the dinner show*
Last night, a large RV, towing a midsized SUV with Jersey plates pulled in. They passed our driveway, slowed down for the dip in the road and the bend in the lane, and realized they were in front of someone's home. At dusk. On a curve. In a gully. Driving an RV. Towing a truck. We couldn't hear their voices, but I set up my camera and took pictures. We watched for 10 or 15 minutes while they unhooked, backed the SUV out, then carefully, rocked the RV back and forth to turn it around without leaving tire tracks on Gerd's lawn for the CSIs to trace. They opted for the Bat out of Hell retreat. Funny people. Good thing the neighbours weren't home - they're a little more uptight about these things than I am. Scott, is too, actually. He and Gerd's wife Laura have joked about installing tire killer strips. At least I think they were joking.

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - Turkey
Tuesday - Hot turkey sandwiches
Wednesday - Chicken parmesan
Thursday - beef stew
Friday -mac and cheese
Saturday - pigs in a blanket
Sunday - pulled pork

Try out Santa purse pattern
look for appropriate fabrics for crayon roll
finish quilting, add labels to GSB#1 and #2

Monday - Sub 1/2 day kindergarten
Tuesday - PTO meeting
Wednesday - Hair cut 9:00
Saturday - Scouts Harvest Fest
continue putting gardens to bed
rake leaves


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

I am still laughing! Maybe you could put up a sign in a bright orange cone in the middle of the drive...."Only Color Here Is This CONE"

Greg said...

Thats funny. It's not like you get a lot of traffic right? And a big brick on wheels with out of state plates kinda sticks out like a thumb in the punch bowl. I think you need to set up a fake stop light at the end of your drive so when the people beat a hastey retreat you can hold them at a "red light" and continue to laugh at them.. Just a thought.