Saturday, October 17, 2009



Main Entry: re·con·sid·er
Pronunciation: \ˌrē-kən-ˈsi-dər\
Function: verb
Date: 1571
transitive verb

: to consider again especially with a view to changing or reversing

Hey, look, a dictionary post! This was my word of the day Thursday as I removed the headband from a dozen furry-trimmed Santa hats, in preparation for re-assembly into bags this coming week. If you want to make yourself one of these adorable! Santa purses, please, I beg you, reconsider.

Reconsidering again, as I vacuumed, again, the floating fuzz, as I picked it off my clothes, as I wiped it off the counter (lights, door fronts) and fished it out of my coffee. I wondered if, perhaps, this was really such a good idea. Well, I'm in this for $12 and an hour's time, best to soldier forward.

Reconsider - my word yesterday, as I stitched and turned 24 skinny handles. Did they REALLY need to be layered with batting? Really? Sigh... too late now. They're done, and my fingers hurt.

Today, we wade into the fuzz again. And I suspect I will reconsider, again. I also suspect that I'll cut all the linings, and trim all the hats into their more purse-ine shape, and convince myself, again, that geeze, I'm this far, I might as well finish. And I'll finish next week, and sell them all to happy little six year olds, the better to tote their Webkins or My Little Ponies, and I'll be glad I kept going. Despite reconsidering every.single.step.


Zazzu said...

Yeah, I "reconsidered" something similar myself recently...

After delivering three handmade baby quilts in a one-month period, I decided that I will no longer sew for other people. Knit and crochet, fine, but no sewing. Too many of my own projects getting neglected.

And, I swear, every woman I know under the age of 40 is knocked-up or trying. I can't make baby stuff for some and not others (you know how THAT is). Was it Spock who said, "Once you go down that path, forever shall it consume your soul." ? Something like that.

Fortunately, the quilt recipients were all very appreciative.

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Hey Happy Kids...what more could you ask for?

I guess working with fuzz is like working with terry cloth. Mom made bathrobe's one year...we were still finding terry-bits years later!

Wilma NC said...

Gosh!! I bought 7 of those hats last year and they are still in the bag, lol. I think I forgot where the pattern is now!! I want to see yours finished.