Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas on Thursday

The crayon rolls are done! Well, there's handwork, but that's portable, and fast(ish.) I ended up making 19 in total, I have crayons for 20, but I've come across some broken tips and cracked-in-the-middles, so 19 it is. Next up, aprons.

I was at Ben Franklin yesterday afternoon to pick up some more elastic (for the bands) and noticed their clearance table had some cute apronable cotton prints. I can do that! So I'm moving on to aprons. I have 2 cut out, but really ought to check what I have left from last year before I get too carried away.

I've already picked up some ribbon and things to make cards if there's time (Craft Fair is Dec 5) but I know I have leftovers from last year, so no panic.

And on the not- made- by- me front, I found this calendar online. I had the same company's work on my wall in 2008, but couldn't find one last year. Having this one (and an extra for the ladies in the kitchen at school) makes me happy. You can click on the picture to go to the Co-edikit website.

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