Monday, November 02, 2009

Deep Breath...

This is a busy freaking morning! Holy cow!

•Okay, once the kids are up, it's everyone in the car, NOW! It's a half hour drive to the orthodontist appointment at 8:10.
•Don't forget to leave a note for the satellite guys, in case they actually get here when they're supposed to.
•Daniel's all in for eating breakfast at school, yeah! And hot lunch, too (corn dogs) so no lunch to pack. Whew! He's even got some change in his bag if he wants to visit the snack cart, 'though he did ask me to make him some of "that crazy trail mix" (raisinettes, goldfish, and animal crackers.) It's the least I can do.
•Drop Tori off at the high school, Daniel off at the elem school, swing back around and head south. We can do this!
•And once done there, I have to remember to drop off a check at the insurance agent's to pay the policy on the new car. We drive right past it, though if I forget, I can just drop it in the mail...
•At least I get to sit still for an hour or so this afternoon. Sadly, it'll be in the dentist's chair.

I did forget a couple more things on my to do list for this week. Daniel's staying for the After School Enrichment Program on Wednesday - they're making pear butter for the hot lunch program, and Thursday evening is my book club. I haven't finished the book, yet, but it's in my bag to fill any gaps I may have in my schedule this week. Depending on where we meet, I may take the time to make a batch of these intriguing cookies. Snockerdoodles. What a name! And I have everything to make them! From The Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cooking, via Milk and Honey blog. Click the picture to go to the recipe.


Zazzu said...

Hey, Crazy Trail Mix sounds yummy!

Oooooh, I want those chocolate cookies with my coffee.

Good luck at the dentist. No fun.

The Calico Cat said...

Oh heck, I am going to have to try those cookies...