Sunday, November 01, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit

Is Rabbit Rabbit an American thing? Is it regional? My kids are all over this, "say rabbit rabbit first thing on the first day of the month and you'll have good luck all month." Never heard of it.

Last Week

crayon rolls
look for fabric for Krank quilt

Monday - mattress delivery
Monday - Scott's b-day
Tuesday -tractor repair

Tuesday - dentist
Wednesday - sub 1/2 day pm Foley
Friday - Fun Night @ elem school
Saturday - Halloween

finish washing front windows
rake leaves

I've somehow managed to schedule a whole week worth of stuff into 6 hours on Monday. Ugh. The school asked if I could sub Monday, but there's just no way. Once I get back from the dentist, though, my day will be over (ha!) Actually, the weather forecast would suggest that Monday afternoon will be prime time to get the yard work wrapped up. Tuesday promises rain, so I'll do my morning volunteer in the school library and then come home and sew. Famous last words...

This Week

Dinner Menu
Monday - corn chowder, homemade bread
Tuesday - mac & cheese
Wednesday - beef stew and biscuits
Thursday - fish and chips
Friday - stromboli
Saturday - grilled chicken sandwiches
Sunday - lasagna

continue crayon rolls
6 log cabin chickens

Monday - Simon Orthodontist
Monday - Satellite dish replacement
Monday - dentist
Wednesday - sub 1/2 day pm Foley
Friday - Cubs 7:00
Tori - "Oliver" rehearsal all week ex. Wednesday
final cut front lawn
put plow on tractor
finish cleaning garage

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Greg said...

I got most of the yard work finished up today. Including the gutters!!! As for "Rabbit Rabbit" check this out