Monday, November 30, 2009

Get back in line...

So it seems that little baby quilt is not willing to wait until 3rd. I'm up to 15 (out of... 35.) None today, though. Today I quilted the heck out of that ugly table runner. I added some extra fabric to the ends, they looked unfinished, then scribbled on some triangle-y feather things in the tan areas, some swirly bits in the red, put on the radio and got busy. I even got the binding attached, I'll stitch it tonight, throw the thing in the washer, and see what I've got.

Also today, the first(?) Christmas gift of the season was given. I bundled this up into a little box, tied on a card, and stuck it in Ryan's backpack at school this morning. His mom just emailed me, and it's a hit. Of course it is!

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