Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Last Week

finish crayon rolls
finish aprons
6 blocks for Baby Convoy

Set the bar low enough, clearing it is easy! As I mentioned yesterday, the craft fair sewing is done. I'll go through the box to see exactly what I do have as far as other things, but I don't intend to make anything else.

I revamped the Next Four this week and while I have started, sigh, I didn't start at number 1. Why? 'Cause I didn't check the list. The actual #1 is a pretty quick do, actually. Several years ago I made a table runner in anticipation of a regular request that never came. No problem, it got folded up and put on the top shelf. And forgotten. It has lots of open space for quilting, and I think I may mark it, layer it, and hand quilt it. I've been looking for something to do in the evenings.#2 is for me. I bought some fabric a few weeks ago at the local guild's quilt show. The two pieces, side by side reminded me of the stark depths of winter. Sounds great, huh? I'll share more pics when I have something to actually share, 'kay?#3 is the baby quilt I've already started. Scott's sister Lisa and her newish husband are expecting their first wee babe in March. Wee babes in Canada in March need warm covers. Yup! I can do that!and #4 is something for the Silent Auction and Talent Show we (meaning Beth Farrell and I) will organize as a fundraiser for in-school enrichment programs sponsored by our PTO. Last year was a huge awesome success and we'll do even better this year. Betcha! I put together a throw sized quilt last year that drummed up a little interest. This year? Dunno yet, but I'll begin pondering...

This Week

Dinner Menu

Monday - turkey rice soup, wheat bread
Tuesday - shepherd's pie
Wednesday - spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday - breakfast for dinner
Friday - beef stew and biscuits
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - roast chicken

6 blocks for Baby Convoy
Sharpee rolls for Danielle and Nic
Marker Rolls for Hannah and Julie
Crayon Rolls for Braiden and Katherine

Monday -
Tuesday - Daniel ASEP
Wednesday - Sub Foley pm.
Wednesday - Optometrist
Thursday - Craft Fair baking - pm
Friday - Cubs (bring snack)
Saturday - ASEP Craft Fair

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