Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's get to it.

I wrote these words four years ago, on Thanksgiving 2005.

I'm thankful for so many things, where to start?

My sisters - the sister of my birth, and the sisters of my heart.
My husband. Even on the days he drives me completely insane, without him, I'm nothing.
My children.
My home. I hope I die here, I can't imagine ever living anywhere else.
Hot summers, wet springs, cold winters, breathtaking autumns. You can't have one without the o-o-o-thers.
My mother, who has, in the past 20 years demonstrated that for the first 20 years of my life, she actually DID know what she was talking about.

I'm thankful that I can feel pain, and that most days I don't.

I'm thankful I can see the misery and sadness in the world. Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power. If I can see a problem, maybe I can be a part of the solution.

I'm thankful to have, to be someone who has the means, most of the time, to help those who have not.

I'm thankful I have the power of words to convey a part of what is in my head accurately. Thank you for listening.

And I wrote these the day after.

Yesterday was for the thanks, today, let the giving begin.

I propose, for myself and anyone who cares to join me, that the time between now and Christmas, the frantic, crabby, gotta-get-it-done (for what?!) 4 weeks become The 30 Days of Giving. Anonymous, selfless do unto others kind of giving. Fairy work if you like. Do something nice for yourself by doing something nice for someone else.

It's 4 years later, and I can't wait to do it again. The next 30 days? Stand back.


Sarah said...

I hope you will share with us some of the wonderful things you are doing...give me some ideas! :)

dee said...

thanks to this economic mess, I'm feeding 50 more families than last year. Between fund raising and food buying I'm overwhelmed but happy to be able to help. Feeding hungry people is an amazing experience and brings it's own rewards. You remember often how blessed your own life is.
Now if I could just find the time to feed my own family all would be well-they do pretty well on their own though. I don't notice any of us loosing any weight around here...har. Hope all is well with you.