Saturday, November 28, 2009

But, but, but... it's not Thursday!

Yeah, well, tough. Saturday it is. The Craft Fair sewing is done. If I make some cards, yay. If not, meh. I'm done.

So I've got 10 Santa purses, 19 crayon rolls, 11 aprons, a bunch of cards and pin-chickens from last year.

Tori is working on some beautiful hand embroidered cards, and I may encourage her to open an ETSY shop and offer what she doesn't sell at the fair. They're truly gorgeous, and she'll be going to college in a year and a half. Every penny counts.

Later today I'll take the 4 Santa Countdowns and load 'em up with Hershey kisses. They'll go up on Tuesday to count down the final weeks 'til Christmas.



QuiltingFitzy said...

LOVE the rockin' pose of your son and his apron, lol...and those socks! Only a mother loves.

Etsy and their fees, why not just have a blog? No sense in giving any of that hard-earned money away. I'd definately look into PayPal tho, just as a protective measure.

Hope you did well yesterday.

dee said...

that boy is hilarious..Love that pose.
The Santa hats may have been a pain but they sure are cute.